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A 40 year veteran in eyewear manufacturing, specializing in sports eyewear exports;

A network of 7 state-of-the-art ophthalmic lens laboratories with full digital lens surfacing capability (Free Form Technology for sport wrap vision);

A group of master opticians researching and developing new sports optics and lens technologies;

An online retail channel to complement brick-and-mortar Eyecare Professionals when professional sports vision service is not readily available to athletes.

Sports Vision solutions are not easily available to public in many places. High street opticians don’t normally carry them because sports glasses and performance sunglasses, especially with prescriptions, are not fast moving items. Optical parameters need to be recalculated and sports vision lenses are fabricated by sophisticated digital surfacing. Only a small portion of opticians and optometrists are knowledgeable to offer sports eyewear and accessible to these advanced lens fabrication facilities. OBJECTT OPTIK is here to fill the gap and make sports goggles available and affordable to keen sportsman.

Due to our online nature, at OBJECTT OPTIK, we only take customers already diagnosed by certified optometrists and other eyecare professionals with an updated prescription. In case your optometrists or opticians are already carrying PROGEAR in their practices, we highly recommend that you should buy directly from them to get your best personalized sports vision consultation. PROGEAR is currently available in 6,000+ qualified eyecare professionals around the world. Find authorized dealer/s near you, click here.