Lens Option

Lens Options

When buying our products with prescription lenses, there are several lens options for different models.

Here is a summary of all the options:

lens chart_2

Lens Color

And here is a brief introduction of all the lens options according to their colors:

lens color chart_2

Mirror Coating Color

If you are ordering sunglasses or polarized sunglasses, you can add an extra mirror coating.

Mirrored lenses are one of the most popular choices for prescription and non-prescription sunglasses alike because:

Better UV protection – Mirrored lenses are often available with up to 100% UV protection. This makes them ideal for high altitude hiking, and prolonged exposure to highly-reflective environments, such as snow and open water.

Reduces glare – If you are sensitive to light, mirrored sunglasses are extremely effective at blocking and reflecting the sun’s rays. This makes them ideal if you are prone to migraines, or have any other condition that makes you very sensitive to UV rays.

Anonymity – Mirrored lenses are a one-way mirror. You can see out, but others can’t see in. This makes them ideal for those who may wish to remain anonymous or avoid drawing attention to themselves.

Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. They are hot!

There are 5 color options of mirror coating and can be applied on all lens colors:

golden mirror


silver mirror


red mirror


blue mirror


green mirror


Choosing a mirror coating color is always personal and could be just on the style side. If you’re not sure what combination matches your need, we’re always here to help.